10CHA, named after the leaf used for making matcha called tencha, is a brand of matcha that focuses on the health benefits of drinking ground tea leaves. 10CHA matcha provides a variety of nutrients that have been scientifically proven to yield 10 health benefits, including: boosting energy, increasing focus, feeling calm, strengthening immunity, restoring cells, improving memory, promoting heart health, reducing inflammation, preserving cartilage, and detoxifying chemicals.
This knock-down package design emphasizes the beautiful simplicity of matcha with a modern, minimal and engaging graphic system. The arrangement of repeating rectangles both connects each side of the package and creates abstracted forms of the number “10” to subtly reference the ten health benefits and brand name. With a tab lock positioned at the lower front of the exterior box, consumers are invited to fully expand the outer box and reveal the delicate individual serving boxes positioned in harmony with the interior graphics. The use of deep greens with bright white combined with clear messaging, precise closures, and clean lines accentuate feelings of luxury and salubrity as customers interact with the package and enjoy the product.
The original box pattern and graphics were created using Adobe Illustrator. The interior packages were laser-cut and the exterior box was cut by hand.
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